About GraniteStone

For every moment, for every meal, there’s GraniteStone.

Cookware you can count on—no matter where you are in life.

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Grounded in great quality.

We are not a flash in the pan cookware company. We’re seasoned pros.

You may recognize our roots from As Seen on TV, and after more than 5 years of testing the best materials and designs, we’re confident we’ve created a range of affordable, quality cookware sets that give you exactly what you need, nothing that you don’t, and everything you want in the kitchen.

And in case you’re meeting us for the first time, you should know that it’s our mission to make the same high quality cookware as others on the market for a more accessible price point, so you never have to wonder if you overpaid for something that can’t stand the heat.


Be extra, if you want.

Times change as much as tastes do. We get that creating your dream kitchen is a journey—and we want to take that ride with you.

From Dutch ovens to knives to roasting pans, GraniteStone offers more than just great cookware sets. So when a special meal—and a special moment—is calling, we’ve got just the specialty item to answer it.

For every moment, for every meal, there's Granitestone.

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